Candyass Cabaret

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DOORS : 8pm / Showtime 9pm / Admission : $12

Cabaret Cleo 1230 St-Laurent blvd (2nd floor / 2ème étage)

INFO: 514-816-8054 (

Candyass Cabaret 
Friday October 19th 2018
Vendredi le 19 Octobre 2018

1230 boul St Laurent
spectacle 21h
adjust your watches
Nouvelle heure de spectacle 21h
$12 at the door / à la porte

Autumn is officially here but that doesn’t mean you should fall into the trap of thinking there’s nothing to do on a crisp cold evening .Come to the cabaret and enjoy variety & burlesque entertainment 
Time for the Harvest Hangover  as we say goodbye to summer and welcome the autumn leaves.

Performers include: 
Damiana Dolce
Darragh Mondoux
Natasha PF
Dawn Ford
Nat King Pole
Velma Candyass 
Diane Labelle
Jimmy Phule
Roxie Hardon 
and more ! 

DJ Martin 
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Un délectable buffet de divertissement à fois charmant et provocateur….un véritable festin pour vos yeux et vos oreilles.
Un délicieux mélange d’artistes au coeur du quartier historique de divertissement et de la Main.
Courez la chance de gagner des prix médiocres dans nos concours!

Du comedie, du chant de style “lounge”, de la dance et encore plus! Du talent! 

The Candyass Club Cabaret presents a monthly cabaret with a stellar cast and new acts every 3rd Friday.
Featuring a tasty eclectic blend of artists in the heart of the historic entertainment district on the Main.

Members of our audience are randomly selected to partake in our silly contests to win incredibly mediocre prizes!

Comedy! Vaudeville! and MORE!
Talent! Whoopee !
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Thank you everyone for a great evening of performances
#bestofcandyass .Wonderful artists onstage and great crew
We closed the season with classic acts and some newbie artists that rocked the socks off
Stay tuned for min cabaret performanace around town during the summer festival season
We return in the fall -mark your calendar with these dates
21 Sept
19 Oct
16 Nov
21 Dec

The Candyass Club Cabaret presents a monthly cabaret with a stellar cast and new acts every 3rd Friday.